Slowing Down And Living The Simple Life

I think we work too hard.

I think we stress too much.

I think we’re headed in the wrong direction.

We’re not enjoying life like we should.

No, we’re not.

When you’re stuck at your office for 50+ hours a week, how can you?

I think our priorities are all screwed up.

Our culture’s at fault for that, but we continue to perpetuate these screwed up priorities, and no one’s putting an end to it.

We’re glorified when our jobs are our lives.

We’re considered slackers when our jobs are just PART of of them.

We work hard so we can spend money.

We spend money we don’t have, and then we have to work to pay it back.

With so much exhaustion around us, where is there room for enjoying this?

This life.

Where’s the time and the energy to enjoy it all?

Where’s the wonder?

I feel like people used to explore.

All the books I’ve read tell me it’s true.

That people enjoyed things.

They went outside.

They made friends.

They made memories.

Family time was family time.

Not everyone on the couch on their iPhones time.

Not mom and dad getting home at 8pm and then logging back into their computers, checking e-mails until bedtime.

What are we really missing out on?

My gut tells me, a lot.

My gut tells me we need to slow down.

Like, way way down.

I want to enjoy life.

I want to explore.

I want to wonder.

I want to sit outside, no phone in my hand, and enjoy the sounds.

Enjoy the breeze.

For just a few seconds, I want to not worry about anything.

I want to feel grounded.


Connected to myself.

Who does that anymore?

Who has time for the simple life?

Lucky them…

Not so lucky most of us.

Most of the time, I feel like my brain is on fire.

Too much to do…

It consumes me.

I want to do everything, and I also want to do nothing.

But I want to live my life.

Live it and feel it and breathe it.

I want to do things that are fun and exciting.

Things that scare me.

Things that challenge me.

Too many empty shells walking around.

Too many dreams thrown to the side.

Let’s pick them back up.

Let’s go for it.

Love & Sparkle,



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