Why Millennials Need Feedback At Work

It seems that people are annoyed with us. Among the many characteristics associated with Generation Y is the notion that we have a need for constant feedback. Well, of course we do. But some managers think that we require too much attention. They find it exhausting. I was recently put in charge of conducting a survey to improve supervisor/employee relations. So I asked the question, “How often would you like a one-on-one meeting with your supervisor to obtain feedback on your performance?” I said I wanted that opportunity at least once a month. And you know what?! Everyone else said it wasn’t necessary. Apparently they must think they’re super awesome or something.

So I wonder, are we, GenY, a bunch of divas? Maybe. But I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. Here’s why consistent feedback is ridiculously important:


The use of social media has trained us to expect immediate feedback. Take for example this classic case…You’re out, you take a picture of yourself (or annoy someone else and ask them to take it for you). You look at the picture and think yes! I look hot. Success! New Facebook profile pic! So you instantly upload it (you can’t even wait until you get home like a normal person), and you just wait for the “likes” to come in. Why? Because OF COURSE people are going to comment on it. You look awesome. Only, they don’t. Ten minutes pass and you’re confused. Why hasn’t anyone liked my picture?! It probably didn’t upload. Oh wait, it definitely did. UGHHH. It must be that I look fat. *Starts crying* Picture DELETED. You see, we live in a time where the LACK OF FEEDBACK leads us to believe that we’re doing something wrong. Managers need to commend exceptional work on a regular basis. I think it’s called positive reinforcement or something like that.


Someone please explain to me the following- how are we supposed to fix a problem if we don’t know that it freaking exists? I’m about 99.687%  sure that nowhere on my job description does it say I have to be a mind reader.

So yes! We need feedback. Good managers will know this and they won’t find that annoying. They’ll understand that communication is key to ensuring that their departments function efficiently. They’ll understand that as a MANAGER, their job is to MANAGE. So if you find this exhausting and annoying, why are you in management in the first place? Perhaps you should consider an alternative profession.

Love & Sparkle,



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