New You for the New Year!!

March’s goal: Get organized!

Clutter. It’s a never-ending problem. All the time, we are acquiring new things, receiving new mail, using our belongings in a rush and not putting them away. Even if you are good about cleaning up as you go, it’s still a great idea to take some time early in the year for a spring cleaning.

These days, there is less need than ever to hold onto your paper documents. Pick up a document scanner to easily convert your important papers to PDF, and get all that paper out of your life. Of course, if you are digitizing all your important files, you’ll want to make sure you are backing everything up safely.

This one is easy: get rid of expired stuff! Purge your fridge, your pantry, your medicine cabinet, and your makeup bag. (Yes, I said your makeup… makeup that is too old can harbor bacteria and even cause a bad rash. Yuck!) Also consider whether it is time for a new pillow — they collect dust mites, allergens, and oil from your face that can make you break out, so you should replace them every 2-3 years.

Purging your closet might be a little tougher… so to make it easier, here is a neat life hack. Today, turn around every hanger in your closet so they are hooked over the bar backwards, and set a calendar reminder for yourself to clean out your closet a year from now. As you wear items and put them back in your closet, turn their hangers around the right way. When you get your reminder, donate or toss everything that still has a backwards hanger, because you haven’t worn it in over a year!

Love & Sparkle,


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