New You for the New Year!!

Why is it so hard to keep your New Year’s Resolutions?

Making positive change in yourself is a lot about breaking bad habits and building new ones. You don’t change your behavior overnight — if you want to change it, and keep it that way, you have to whittle away at those bad habits until you’ve worn them down and replaced them with better ones. It’s a long-term commitment.

But if you’re making a bunch of ambitious goals, all set to apply starting January 1, you are kind of setting yourself up for failure. You’re not gradually wearing away at those bad habits — you are trying to go cold turkey, replacing them with entirely foreign behaviors.

It might work for a few days, a week, a month…

But eventually, you will have a stressful day, binge on McDonald’s on the way home, and spend the evening binge watching TV instead of hauling yourself to the gym. And once you’ve had one bad day, it doesn’t seem too terrible to have a second. And a third.

Instead of piling on the ambitions from the get-go, try your hand at the New You for the New Year Challenge, which challenges you to develop twelve good habits — over the course of the entire year.

At the beginning of every month of 2018, I am going to post a new monthly challenge. This way, it doesn’t sound as scary, you have a whole 30 days to make a positive change in your life. Sounds good to me! Right?

January’s goal: Save more money!

I don’t know about you, but December really tends to wipe out my wallet. Between holiday gifts for my friends and family, eating out while relatives are in town, and higher heating costs, things definitely get sort of tight after the holidays.

January is a great month to take a good hard look at your recurring expenses and see where you can get a little thriftier. What subscriptions are you paying for but not using? Many online services allow you to “pause” your account temporarily, giving you the chance to not pay when you’re not taking full advantage of it.

I try to make a point to call my cable company every so often to see if I can get a lower rate. Many internet service providers regularly run specials, and if you are unhappy with your service or the price you are paying, they might extend sales that are normally only for new customers to your account. It never hurts to ask.

Food is another huge expense for many people, myself included. You can majorly cut back on your spending if you pack your lunch instead of buying it. Make the transition a little easier on yourself by picking up a cute Bento box for transporting your food to work. And of course, cutting out that expensive latte goes a long way.

Love & Sparkle,


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