Essential Oils

The Most Affordable Essential Oils: The Thrifty Twenty

Since I have to keep my household budget in mind as I explore how to use essential oils in my home, I created a go-to list of the most affordable essential oils from Young Living. I call it the Thrifty Twenty. These are the most affordable essential oils you can use in your home.

Essential oils are an investment in your family’s health. To get started it takes a little bit of money, but using essential oils in your home does not have to cost a lot overall. I am still fairly new to the essential oils world. It is exciting to explore a world of natural wellness. Essential oils are a great way to support a healthy body and live a more natural lifestyle-as much as I can. There are simple ways to use oils at home, and spending money wisely is important to me!

Based on our home budget, I set a limit to how much I spend on essential oils in a month. That means I have to be mindful of the cost of the oils that I buy.

I save money on my essential oil purchases by doing 4 things:

  • I am a wholesale member so that I can purchase oils at a 24% discount.
  • I am enrolled in Young Living’s Essential Rewards program so that I can earn points on each qualifying purchase to use on future purchases.
  • I use the more expensive oils sparingly.
  • I focus on buying the most affordable oils Young Living has to offer.


Citrus Fresh

Christmas Spirit



Eucalyptus Blue

Eucalyptus Globulus



Jade Lemon









Sacred Mountain


The support of wellness can be attained even on a frugal budget. When you compare the value of these oils to your everyday cleaning products and home needs, you gain so much.

To try essential oils, you can signup to get 24% off retail prices and take advantage of these thrifty twenty oil prices! You always save 24% on the price of oils when you sign up as a distributor, and you do not have to sell a thing to do it. The option is there to develop essential oils into a home-based income source, but you can decide if you want to go that route down the road.

If you sign up this month to try Young Living by ordering a Premium Starter Kit, I will send you a collection of free resources and MORE!

You not only get a great deal on essential oils with the premium starter kit, but you get a little extra to spend. Let me know if you need any questions answered at any time.

Love & Sparkle,


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