Essential Oils

Top 10 ways a newbie can use Essential Oils

When I first ordered a starter kit from Young Living, I received 11 oils and I had NO idea what to do with them. I knew they smelled good, they lifted my mood, and freshened my home, but I had no idea how necessary I would consider essential oils in just a matter of weeks.

I am not an aromatherapist, just a woman looking for holistic/green approaches to solve life’s little problems. Since I’m not a professional, I relied on research and asking questions of more experienced friends. One of my best references was this book, “Essential Oils Desk Reference,” because it answered so many of the safety concerns I had about uses of particular oils.

Through personal experimentation, I came up with the top 10 ways ANY newbie can use oils from day one. I personally love Young Living oils And if you haven’t joined my private essential oil Facebook group, get access HERE, so you can receive tips and updates about new uses for oils I am discovering!

  1. Cooking Mishaps—A drop or two of lavender and a smidge of coconut oil will work wonders on skin! A few months ago, I (stupidly) grabbed a casserole dish that had been in a 425 degree oven and felt the immediate singe of skin. On that occasion, I rinsed my hand with cool water (most of the pad of my ring finger), dried it, and applied a couple drops of undiluted lavender oil. Within a few minutes, I experienced great relief!
  2. Keep your Head in the Game—This was one of the most amazing revelations I discovered. I simply apply a drop or two of peppermint oil to my temples (or crown, or base of the neck—wherever I’d feel occasional muscle tension). I’ve able to stave off what potential discomfort by maintaining my hydration and applying peppermint oil.
  3. Your new workout partner—I have found essential oils to be fabulous ways to pamper my body. Young Living has several blends (Pan Away, Deep Relief) and you can even make your own
  4. Skin—I have relatively clear skin, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect! Frankincense in lotions, geranium in toners, rose oil in moisturerizers, and carrot seed oil in DIY sunblock—the possibilities are endless and are free of toxin-laden ingredients found in commercial products.
  5. Homemade body products—Do you purchase any of the following products: lip balm, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, or conditioner? Great news! You can make your OWN, according to your own skin needs and scent preferences.
  6. Cooking—More intense flavor is just a drop away! Transform lemonade into lavender lemonade, make your guacamole pop with a dash of lime oil, or make your own flavored lattes (just ONE drop of peppermint for a 14 oz. coffee). Essential oils can be a boon to your culinary skills, regardless of your level of cooking experience.
  7. Relaxation—The olfactory sense is derived from a primal part of our brain (the limbic system). Scents have the power to transport us to specific memories and, during periods of stress, a soothing smell can mean the difference between relaxation and a negative downward spiral. Scents are very personal and there are dozens of different Young Living oils to choose from. My favorite relaxing scents are Purification (citrus/light floral), Stress Away (woods/limey/clean), and Thieves (cinnamony goodness).
  8. Natural Air Freshener—I know, I know. “Open a window,” is the smart remark I often hear when I mention essential oils as air freshener. But that’s not always feasible (heat wave, cold/rainy day, a leaf blower is being used right outside your apartment, etc.) and an open window isn’t always successful. When an open window just won’t do the trick, or you want a particular scent without toxic chemicals from plug-ins or candles, essential oils are the way to go! My favorites are Purification or a few drops of lemon and peppermint mixed together. When you’re using oils to freshen the room, you are only limited by your imagination—there are SO many combinations and a few drops go a long way! Essential oils are green, cost-effective tools I use on a daily basis.
  9. Cleaning—Why buy toxic cleaning products when you can make your own—laundry detergent, carpet cleaner, and dish soap to name a few! A great resource is the book The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness, so you can being using essential oils fright away and avoid all those yucky chemicals!
  10. Live Healthy, STAY healthy—Essential oils are powerful substances. Applied topically, some oils (e.g., Thieves, Purification, etc.) support healthy immune system function and complement hand-washing and eating raw honey, chicken soup, and garlic.

Love & Sparkle,



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