Essential Oils

10 things I wish I knew about Essential Oils when I started

A little over one year ago marked my plunge into essential oils. When I first started using them, family and friends were quick to point out that they were voodoo and my friend called them snake oils.

Over time, I grew to love them, and in many ways, they were life changing – however, as I look back, there are a lot of things I wish I would have known before I got started.

It’s not that I regret anything at all – but knowing some of these may have made me do things just a tiny bit different. I hope that others would love to know these tips as well, no matter where you are in your oily journey or, even if you haven’t ever considered getting on board.

It’s fun … but it’s overwhelming. 

#1: Having a reference book is super important

Each and every essential oil can be used multiple ways – at the start, I didn’t realize that. I thought I needed every essential oil and the truth is, you don’t.

If you have a key few essential oils, that’s really all you need to make the biggest, most profound changes in your family and yourself. A good reference book will help keep you informed on using each oil and where to start – and provide a basis for you to look up all of your ailments to find out which oil(s) can help you the most

#2: It’s important to have a support group

Having a network of oily friends that can help you get started on your journey is essential. You won’t get that by picking up oils at Walgreens or CVS, even at Walmart.   And more times than not, your spouse or family may not be on board with essential oils.

Oils are so overwhelming at first – and as excited as you are, you will get discouraged quickly without support of those like minded people who can help you figure out how everything works. I’m thankful that I became part of a larger group of like minded people when I started using essential oils because I learned SO much!

#3: You can substitute essential oils

Don’t have a particular essential oil? That’s ok! There is always another oil that you can use to help support that skin irritation, or ailment. In fact, this is why it’s so important to have a reference book – I would recommend picking up one from Abundant Health or Life Science Publishers.

You can also find a reference book specifically for your iPhone too.

#4: Always dilute your oils

There will always be a difference of opinion on this topic – and that is OK!

NO, you don’t have to dilute every oil that you put on your skin. .. but it’s probably your best bet. Using a carrier is a great way to extend the life of your essential oil – you keep the properties of the essential oil but you allow them easier application that allows them to be absorbed at a greater level.

You probably should dilute when you use on your children. They are smaller and their skin is much more sensitive.

Plus, you use less drops, which makes them last longer. That’s awesome – right?

Carrier oils have a host of benefits as well – they are great for your skin and different carrier oils have different properties.

#5: Essential oils are SUPER affordable

When you mention essential oils and premium starter kits, people assume huge costs…

The reality is that that they are SO incredibly affordable! Essential oils come in bottles 5ml or 15ml bottles that start at just $5 – whether you are using them in a capsule internally or you are using them topically, you need just 2-3 drops per use. With 250 drops in a 15ml bottle of oil, that’s just pennies per use.

Sure, the premium starter kit may be a bit up front ($160)… the truth is, that these oils really do last a long, long time. They allow you to replace almost everything from candles to personal care products, toxic kitchen cleaners and more.

#6: You don’t need tons and tons of oils

When I first picked up essential oils, I thought I needed every. single. oil. I was so wrong!   Thinking that a single bottle of oil is restricted to one use is not realistic and is definitely not affordable!

Lets be realistic here: determine your family’s needs and go from there.

Of course, if you want to stock up on hundreds of oils, I’m not going to stop you. But if you prefer to be realistic along with me, then make sure you have these 5 essential oils at all times and you should be good to go.

#7: Safety first

Make sure you are familiar with the basic essential oils safety tips before you get too knee deep in oils…

Dilute with a carrier oil – as mentioned previously, the oil will not dilute the effect of the oil but will ensure that they are not overpowering to your skin.

If essential oils ever get in your eyes, or cause an irritation to your skin, always dilute with a carrier oil, never use water.

Always use glass or stainless steel when adding vitality oils to your water bottle or recipes.

Never apply essential oils to sensitive areas – eyes, mucous membranes or ears.

Always use a reference guide when using essential oils on small children.

Some oils may not be safe if you have certain medical conditions.

I know firsthand that it’s probably not a wise idea to touch your nose after using Thieves essential oil. Ahh the joy in feeling it on your face isn’t too pleasant.

One night, I used Thieves Vitality in a capsule – as I closed the capsule, I must have had a drop or two of Thieves Vitality on my finger.

Next thing you know, I touched my nose, and before you know it, my entire face felt like it was on fire. Thankfully I had coconut oil right there on the counter and I was able to apply to my facial area that wasn’t feeling too awesome.

#8. Essential oils are safe

Fear mongering exists in almost every corner of our lives – and while we do need to understand proper use of essential oils, and the safety associated with them, don’t be so eager to allow that fear to prevent you from checking them out for yourself.

While some people question their safety, they are often the same people eating fast food, using over the counter meds or questioning chemicals that are injected into our bodies on a daily basis.

I think that our society has become so used to manufactured, processed food, meds and chemicals that we question the absence of them. Essential oils are powerful – and while not all oils are the same, it’s important to have a relationship with your source so that you know how they are grown, distilled and manufactured.

Safety is important too.

#9: You won’t always love how they smell

Ahhhh! I was SO confused at first – I remember picking up En-R-Gee and thinking it smelled like old socks and dirty feet. It wasn’t long after that I picked up Patchouli.

I never realized an essential oil could smell like dirt – just in case you were wondering, it’s true.

You won’t always love how an oil smells – in fact, what smells incredible to your friend may not be so appealing to you. But that is OK – because each person is different. And what doesn’t smell good now may smell incredible 6 months from now as the oil grows on you more and more.

Now, I actually dig through my oils to find Patchouli because I find it helpful at night when I’m trying to sleep.

It’s great to be able to experiment with your oils and find out which oils work best for you – and if there are a few that you don’t like, don’t go into a panic… over time you might just find it more appealing.

#10: Don’t toss your empty essential oil bottles

These bottles are so valuable – please don’t toss them! Take a minute to clean them out and find another purpose for them… they work super if you like to make your own Roller Blends.

Or check out some of the other ways to use your essential oil bottles once you wash them out and remove the labels.

Hope this helps! What is your favorite thing about oils?

Love & Sparkle,


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