Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Beginners

I’ve done it…. I jumped in with full force onto the essential oil ride. I am so excited though to learn more and do more with them, and have gotten a few questions about it, so I put this quick little reference guide together to help you out.

I’m still sooo new at it and am learning new things every day. I’m happy to share what I know right now…and will be adding to this when I learn even more.

  • You can use them aromatically, topically, and internally.
    • Aromatically {by simply sniffing the bottle or a diffuser}
  • Topically {usually with a carrier oil on the skin or a certain place on the body} or internally {in a veggie cap}.
  • They can be used for health concerns, cleaning, general well being, and cooking.
  • They smell really natural, and some of them are absolutely divine.

 Peppermint Essential Oil

  1. Stay alert. I will actually put this in the diffuser during the day while I work. I love the yummy, natural scent and it works.
  2. Clear the sinuses. This will clear up your sinuses. I’ll put it in the diffuser with a bit of frankincense and water. It works wonders for my stuffiness.
  3. Calm the tummy. Put this on your stomach with a carrier {like coconut oil because it can burn in its pure form} to calm an upset stomach
  4. Give yourself a pedi. If your feet are tired from a long day, this stuff is amazing for the bottoms of your feet to add to your beauty ritual. If you’re like me, aintnobodygottimeforthat but it’s like a sweet treat when I do.
  5. Clean Naturally + Repel Spiders. You can freshen anything up with a bit of peppermint oil. Oh, and if you have issues with spiders in the warmer months, they hate the stuff. Diffuse it into the air and watch them run. {I haven’t tried this one but just had to include it because that’s like magic or something.}
  6. Yummy in my hot cocoa! This can be added to recipes if you want to add a bit of a peppermint splash.

 Thieves Essential Oil

This one is right now, my all time favorite.

  1. Clean Naturally– I love this stuff! Smells divine. I use it in my diffuser almost every day.
  2. Supports oral health. I have the toothpaste and love it!
  3. Immune System Boost- great for helping you fight off a cold


Melaeuca Essential Oil (Tea Tree)

  1. Razor burn. Apply it to a razor burn for relief. Also another spot treatment for acne.
  2. Skin soothing. Add a drop to your lotion to help sooth your skin.
  3. The laundry – Use a couple of drops with your laundry to get rid of that mildewy smell.
  4. Clean with 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of vinegar. The king of clean!
  5. Boost immunity – Use it in a diffuser for immune support, or on the bottoms of your feet.

Lemon Essential Oil

  1. Put it in your water and drink up. It has natural detoxification properties.
  2. A mood booster {again, in the water or a veggie capsule} just a few drops can change everything. I’ve used this quite a bit to combat anxiety. I never thought I’d actually write this, but it’s worked wonders for me.
  3. For energy + focus – Great with a bottle of water and a few drops. Just be sure not to get it on the rim, because it will burn your lips. Also, place a little behind your ears and on your wrists. It’s refreshing.
  4. For a sore throat – Everyone knows a little tea + honey + lemon can do wonders for the throat. Just add a drop.

Lavender Essential Oil

This one is my second favorite to Thieves. I adore these together in the diffuser!

  1. Spritz it on your sheets It. Smells. So. Good. Just a few drops in a spray bottle will work wonders for your state of mind and a calming nights sleep. Or add it to your bath for a scented de-stressed. It’s a great relaxer that’s all natural.
  2. Burn relief {If you have a serious burn, see the doctor} I burned my fingers on the oven constantly! Rub just a bit on and the sting goes away.
  3. Alleviate an ear ache – Mix it with olive oil and rub it around the outside of your ear.

Frankincense Oil

  1. This oil is known as king of the oils. It basically helps all the other oils do their job better. So add a drop with the other oils, and watch it do even better.
  2. Respiratory help I’ll add a few drops of this to our diffuser with peppermint for stuffy noses when we’re around the house
  3. Concentration – having trouble focusing? Rub it on your temples and the back of your neck.
  4. Mood calmer – Apply to the bottoms of your feet for a calming effect


Citrus Fresh Essential Oil

  1. Relaxing and Calming
  2. Immune booster and antioxidant
  3. Works great in a diffuser to freshen and purify the air in your home.

Joy Essential Oil

  1. Smells like roses. I use this in our diffuser all the time and I am always happy when it’s going!


Purification Essential Oil

  1. Soothes and calms skin irritations
  2. Use directly on the skin to clean and sooth
  3. Helps clean the air when used in the diffuser– gets rid of stinky house smell!

Pan Away Essential Oil

  1. Helps tension and discomfort
  2. Comforting warmth to muscles after exercise.

Stress Away Essential Oil

  1. Helps with relaxation and nervous tension.
  2. Great to roll on when needed

stress away

Essential Oils Tips + Tricks to Remember:

If you’re interested in essential oils and would like to start off as a beginner (just like me) check out the full info on the premium starter kit. That is what I started with and love, love it.   I am using the Young Living Oils. I am soooo impressed with the company and with the oils. You can choose to be a distributor or not….. no pressure (I’d sure love it if you joined my team) but if you are just interested in purchasing the kit and oils only, that’s awesome too!

How much do you use? Only a few drops. Anything more and whoa…watch out! These are super awesome oils and are very strong. Because they are stored in the dark bottles they will last a long time. You can keep them forever! Love that!

Test in a small spot on your own skin before mixing up a bunch and finding out there is a problem.

If you or your children have allergies…. use a carrier oil for stronger oils or test again in a small spot to make sure everything is ok. The spicier oils like thieves and peppermint can be strong on the skin.

Love & Sparkle,


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