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Mason Jar Air Fresheners with Essential Oils

When I started using Young Living essential oils, I began researching ways to replace some of the chemical products in our home with more natural versions.  I replaced candles with my diffuser and I love diffusing different oils.  I made my own lemon mint sugar scrub and lavender bath salts. And now, I’m sharing DIY mason jar gel air fresheners!

I love that there are no chemical fragrances, no wick to burn and no aerosols to spray! Since there is no liquid to spill, these DIY gel air fresheners are perfect for your car and the mason jars should fit in most standard cup holders.  One of these at your desk makes it easy to get a boost from lemon and peppermint during a stressful day.

I used Purification to freshen and neutralize odors in the closets.  Adding lavender to one of the gel air fresheners would be perfect on your bedside table!

**These air fresheners are best used in small spaces – your car, closet, at your desk, etc.  Since the oils are not diffusing into the air or being sprayed, they won’t scent a large room or space.  If the scent becomes too faint, add a teaspoon or two of warm water and a few more drops of oil to freshen it back up!**


  • In a bowl, stir together 1 teaspoon polymer absorbent crystals, 1 cup of water and 10-15 drops of essential oils.
  • I used Purification essential oil for the air fresheners for my bathrooms and in my car – it is SO fresh and clean smelling!
  • Stir together until blended and add a little more water if necessary – there should not be any dry powder/crystals left.
  • You can also add coloring to the gel, but I love the translucent/white color of the air freshener, so I left it out.
  • Split the mixture between two half-pint mason jars.
  • To use immediately, place a thin piece of lace or tulle over the jar and screw on the ring.
  • When giving for gifts, leave the jar lid in place, place the lace/tulle over the lid and screw on the ring.  You may want to add a tag with instructions and note which essential oil you added.
  • If the gel starts to dry out, you can refresh it with a little additional water and another drop or two of oil.

Purification is one of my favorite Young Living essential oils.  The fragrance is mild and slightly citrus-y and can be used for many purposes around our home: added to laundry you’ve left in the washer a little too long (not that I ever do that – HA), put a drop on a few cotton balls to freshen shoes or your gym bag and of course, it’s a great fresh fragrance for these air fresheners.


Love & Sparkle,


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