DIY Striped Vases

I love spray paint. I blame my Mother for this obsession. Literally everything looks better spray-painted. Well, not everything – but you get my point. I go to garage sales and estate sales hoping I find something that I love that I could also spray paint. Sick, I know.

This project was actually something my Mom saw on a TV show that I recreated with my little twist.

Start out with a collection of glass vessels…mine are all from the Dollar Store. I didn’t even bother to clean them or take off the price tag. Nice. Thanks camera, for picking up all the details!

Wrap the glass with rubber bands until they are taut, making sure the bands lay flat against the glass. You don’t want them loosey-goosey and able to move around. The pattern and number of bands is purely up to you. The perfectionist in me died a little inside knowing the bands wouldn’t be perfectly even around the vase. Again, sick, I know.

Just place them down on a piece of scrap cardboard, and give them a few light coats….no primer necessary.

Wait for the paint to dry completely before carefully cutting the bands and peeling them off the glass.


How pretty are these…for $1 each!?


Love & Sparkle,



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