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Friday Favorite – Lemon

Hello & Happy Friday!

It’s a very versatile oil and is one of my favorite oils to diffuse because it is a happy smell and is fairly inexpensive. I use it in my water and in cooking all of the time. It is an uplifting scent that can bring me out of almost any funk and it is amazing at tricking people into thinking my house is clean. Citrus oils are where it’s at.


Uses for Lemon:
• Oil comes from lemon rind, not the pulpy inside where the juice is. Safe for tooth enamel.
• Lemon can cleanse our cells and helps with body’s normal detoxification process.
• Lemon has a happy scent, very uplifting to mood. It is invigorating and purifying both.
• This is a hot oil so you may need to dilute it with a carrier oil like olive oil
• Contains the naturally occurring and powerful constituent limonene. Research that. This is a powerful oil.
• Occasional heartburn as it supports a healthy pH level
• Maintains energy and focus
• High in antioxidants
• Supports the body’s ability to regulate it’s natural immune response
• Supports oral health, so teeth, gums and throat can all benefit from this great oil.
• Excellent food flavoring–flavor your water, olive oil salad dressing or Ningxia Red
• Satisfy and quiet your sweet tooth – tsp of unrefined coconut oil, tsp of raw honey, two drops of lemon or add to plain yogurt or put on toast. What about Blueberry/Lemon muffins or adding to your iced tea?!
• Supports 5 of the body systems: Circulatory, Urinary, Digestive, Lymphatic, Immune systems
• Lemon Is a key ingredient in some of our skincare and bath gels and hair care products. Lemon smells very clean and like citrus.
• Emotions: Invigorating, Feeling Stuck, managing Anger.

Love & Sparkle,



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