Essential Oils

Friday Favorite – Frankincense

Hello & Happy Friday!!

Frankincense is my jam. If you hug me, you are likely to smell frankincense. It is a very relaxing smell to me.


Uses for Frankincense:
• Frankincense includes the naturally occurring constituent alpha-pinene.
• Temporary sadness and feeling blue and even occasional anxiety. These are emotional lows that every person on the planet experiences at some point in their life. Having Frankincense on hand is a must. 3-4 drops all over the neck and outer ears. Great to center your emotions because it’s very grounding.
• Supports healthy cell regeneration in the body. We want our good healthy cells reproducing to keep us in vibrant health.
• Supports focus and healthy cognitive function
• Diffuse at night with lavender to promote a restful night’s rest
• Diffuse for prayer & meditation
• Great oil for a Neti pot or nasal irrigation system.
• A favorite oil for massage and skincare
• Can smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin
• Body Recipes: Face Serum, Lip Balm and Sugar Scrub
• Woodsy, warm and fresh aroma.

Love & Sparkle,


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