Essential Oils

Friday Favorite – Stress Away

Hello & Happy Friday!!


Stress Away. The name says it all, amiright? My friend calls it “Vanilla Lime HEAVEN” … we use it often on the days when we put in 10 hour work days. I use lots and lots and lots of Stress Away. On a daily basis.

Uses for Stress Away:
• Stress away -blend of 7 oils
• This unique blend of vanilla, lime, and other essential oils make it the perfect natural solution to combat stresses that creep into everyday life.
• It comes in 2 bottle types, a 15 ml drip bottle and a 10ml roll-on. Nice! Roll-ons are very convenient to travel with.
• Stress Away uses Copaiba essential oil, a product rarely found in North America and Europe but is commonly found in South America.
• It is a calming soothing oil for tension
• Occasional anxiety
• Healthy blood pressure
• Promotes confidence and a happy and stress free mood
• Makes a wonderful perfume, just use the rollon–it’s so convenient and the aroma is very comforting.
• Massage into feet or wrists by using the roll on.
• Roll on to cotton balls or tissues in your car for a peaceful trip.
• Calming for occasionally anxious pets.
• This blend has a tropical and sweet yet very exotic aroma.


Love & Sparkle,


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