Essential Oils

Friday Favorite – Lavender

Happy Friday!!

Today is the first day of my “Friday Favorite” blog posts. Every Friday, I will post my favorite Young Living product and the reason why I love it! I Hope you enjoy!!

Lavender is one of Young Living’s most versatile oils. It is often called the Swiss Army Knife of oils. It was also one of the oils that I was the least interested in when I got my kit because you know when you walk into Bath and Body Works and you take one whiff of their Lavender Lime body wash and you get an INSTANT headache and you want to run for the door? That’s what I expected to happen with Lavender. As it turns out, real, 100% Lavender doesn’t give me a headache at all. It is very soothing and I will never ever be without this oil in my house. EVER.

8lavenderUses for Lavender:
• Use a few drops in the Bath. Great for kids (or for workaholics like myself) to unwind with.
• Makes a refreshing nasal irrigation rinse. For a rinse add 1 drop oil in your salt and then add salt to the water. Since oil and water don’t mix, adding to salt first will emulsify oil better into the water.
• Place a drop in a new Mascara tube for lovely lashes!
• Add 3-5 drops to Wool dryer balls.
• Drop on pillow at night.
• Diffuse or apply topically to unwind as it’s relaxing, comforting and calming.
• Maintains and supports restful sleep.
• Great to moisturize for healthy-looking skin.
• Use with frankincense in a carrier (jojoba) as face serum
• Emotions: abandonment, feelings of security
• The skin is the largest organ of elimination – lavender helps support that normal process
• Great for use topically with menstrual cycles
• Lavender has a sweet and floral aroma

Love & Sparkle,


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