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Stop being judg-ey

Multi-Level Marketing .. I know, I know. No one ever wants to talk about it unless they are successful in it. Well, I will be honest, I was one of those skeptics who was all judg-ey and rolling my eyes at friends posts and always said “I will never do that”.

Well, I am here to tell you, I was completely wrong. I stumbled into it and couldn’t be happier.

I started my oily journey with Young Living Essential Oils a year ago this month. I had a friend who was always posting about it, and while I was interested, I never took the step to talk to her. And boy am I glad I did. These oils have completely changed my life. Whether its my health, living a chemical free life, cleaning with chemical free products, using chemical free beauty products and even using chemical free products on my pets – its all good!

I challenge you, to stop rolling your eyes and stop being judgmental about your friends or co-workers who are passionate about what they sell. You never know, it might be you one day!

Love & Sparkle,


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